Descend OnlineCatch pets and crawl dungeons together in our MMORPG3




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  • Trade through our gasless XTEAR marketplace
  • Earn in-game assets through gamified staking rewards.
  • True community ownership of economy and infrastructure.
  • Engage in token burn mechanisms to reduce the circulating supply.
  • Access liquidity across multiple chains using our bridge.
  • Avoid gas fees - use L1 when necessary (LP) through our $TEAR bridge
  • And many more to come...
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Catching Pets!
  • Discover unique pets across Descend Online
  • Acquire a Trainer License using $TEAR and unlock Play To Earn (P2E) opportunities
  • Showcase your skills by throwing apples to catch adorable new friends
  • Trade pets through vendors or the marketplace for $TEAR
  • Pets have rarity tiers: Common, Rare, Exotic, Mythic & Ascended.
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Chest unlocking


  • Team up with 1-4 players for thrilling dungeon crawls
  • Risk $TEAR for incentivized rewards and greater gains
  • Encounter unique, dungeon-exclusive pets
  • Discover Ethereal & Tethered items, tradable vs account bound
  • Gain and unlock rune pages to enhance your combat abilities
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Our Mission

We are all for decentralization, but not at the cost of traumatic experiences. We must tackle the hot topic of security versus privacy. We want control of our own assets, but we also want them secured safely. For web3 to truly take off, we must first bridge that gap.

We've all grown tired of rug-pulls and we are fed up with the onboarding issues of web3. 'Being in its nascent stage' is not an excuse anymore and we are bullish on unlocking the potential of bridging web2 over to the new world.

We are building an MMO with onboarding in focus, so that anyone can play.

Descend is one of the few 100% community founded projects in web3 that has full credibility of its 'Indie' title. Our goal is making an MMORPG with the kind of charm & character that's missing in web3 games, bringing with it all the cool aspects and neat things that comes with GameFi - making money while playing games.

Our team is passionate, our team driven and filled to the brim with conviction. We understand both sides of the coin, where creativity & expression can be overlooked in favor of finance and vice versa. This mindset has hindered the long lasting impact web3 games could have beyond a candle flicker, and we aim to change that.

We hope, and actively work towards, the day web3 gaming can be promoted IRL without facing stigma... without that awkward talk that makes you sound cuckoo to your friends.

During the Bear, we built.
...and in the upcoming bullrun of web3 games, we will continue to do so.

No fear, shed a tear.